Jumping the Broom service

It’s very hard to determine the origins of this centuries old ritual—what you believe seems to depend on your cultural background, or which history books you’ve read. It could be an ancient African ritual, or a Celtic one from Wales or Scotland, or from the Romani people.

it could be all of these. Or possibly none. Whatever the case, it’s become a popular symbolic feature of wedding ceremonies and is good fun to perform and to witness, despite its underlying serious significance. We just have to make sure that what you’re planning to wear won’t get in the way of your leap!

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A Clean Sweep!

A Clean Sweep!

According to your wishes, we’ll use a plain or decorated corn broom, or a handmade besom (just like a witch’s broom.) We can coordinate ribbons and other adornments with the colour scheme and themes you’ve chosen for the day.  Here’s an idea—guests could write messages on the ribbons and tie them to the broom themselves as a lovely way of taking an active role in the ceremony. The broom symbolises the idea of sweeping away your former single status, old problems and concerns and anything negative in your lives.

A leap into the future

A leap into the future

You and your partner will then jump—or possibly step—over the broom, to symbolise a dramatic entrance into a new phase of your lives together. It’s sometimes said that the higher the leap, the more powerful the marriage will be, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide! I’ll say a few well-chosen words, which we’ll decide together, to explain the significance of the ritual.

The broom is for you to keep, to remind you of a special occasion, especially memorable if all the ribbons carry goodwill messages from friends and family. I doubt you’ll ever use it to sweep the floor!

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