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In the three years that I have worked as an independent celebrant, it has become increasing evident that there is a part of society who often gets marginalised on special days or events—those who are profoundly deaf. Although this has been reflected mostly in the work that I do through Silverlode Celebrants as a Funeral Celebrant, the bottom line is: Why should anyone have to miss out on the intricacies of special occasions?

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With this in mind, I have set myself a challenge—I am learning British Sign Language and, believe me, it is a challenge stretching the grey matter of a forty-something lass, because it is learning all about an entirely new language and culture—and I AM LOVING IT!

I am still in what one might call the infancy of my journey, having just sat my first exam of three in this level, but keep an eye out on here, and in my blogs, as I will update you on my progress regularly.

Because of the completely different nature of British Sign Language as a means of communication, I am hoping, in time, to be able to undertake private instruction on how to best serve the communities that will benefit the most, perhaps by using BSL to create Sign Supported English Ceremonies.

Join me on this exciting journey…

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